1994 Folsom Street Fair Spanking Booth

剪辑时间: 37 分钟 剪辑的大小: 379/KB
1994 Folsom Street Fair Spanking Booth


This was the first year that we video-taped our Charity Spanking Booth at the Folsom Street Fair, raising money for the AIDS Emergency Fund of San Francisco by encouraging the crowd to donate money to spank or be spanked. This video was supposed to just be a documentation of the activities and was not intended to be released to the public, so the camera-work is a little choppy and not as clean and professional as our later offerings. Because it was filmed prior to the changes in Federal regulations regarding adult video documentation, it is uncensored and features Mans Hand models Charles Drew, Daddy Mark, Scott Tandy, Cliff Warner and it was the first time we met a young Eddy Boyd. Our efforts raised a total of $1,263 in donations.



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