GYTD 2015 – The Toga Party

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GYTD 2015 - The Toga Party


Kaine’s Toga Party comes to a painful end when he stumbles in drunk and admits to having driven home. If there is one thing we can’t have, it’s drunken boys driving cars. Naturally Kaine’s Dad is not impressed and an immediate long and thorough over the knee spanking ensues and Young Kaine is sent to his bed with a really red hot bottom. It then transpires that Kaine may have actually damaged the car on the way home, so whilst Kaine is getting to bed, his Dad goes out for a look at the car. Shock, horror! It’s not just a scratch. The entire side of the car has been badly damaged. Enraged, Kaine’s Dad goes back indoors to serve up a second punishment for his drunken, wayward Son. This time it’s a good long hard session with the Leather Paddle and boy does this one really hurt. Kaine is left in no doubt that Drinking and Driving is bad for his health and damaging his Dad’s car is even worse.We hope you enjoy Kaine’s latest video and thank you for supporting the GYTD Studio.



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