Spanking Therapy – Day 2

Clip Time: 12 Minuter Clip storlek: 235/kb
Spanking Therapy - Day 2

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The second, last day of a therapy for a boy who needs to quit smoking. This part of the therapy is an extremely hard thrashing with leather implements. The boy was getting reformatory and Canadian prison straps as well as a tawse from the doctor and his merciless assistant. The boy could hardly take the strokes, he wiggleed , squirmed, cried, but had no choice but take it all. This part is also not for the squeamish and faint hearted audiences and is even harder than the first one. If you enjoy very and extremely hard ass ruining CP sessions this clip as well as the Day 1 are a ‘must bein your m/m spanking clips collections. You might wanna light a cigarette after watching this clip, but please don’t!

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