Cal Confronted 2

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Cal Confronted 2

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Cal has had his set with the paddle, we saw on Tuesday, and you would think he has learned a lesson but on his way out the house he dives into the cupboard and takes the small paddle out. He is going to take it and do some spanking which he has been warned about not doing. But as he is not a lucky guy and is caught red handed, he is castigated and march back into the salon for another lesson, a harder one this time. He is told to drop his trousers and underwear and lay on the couch. The belt is bought out and comes cracking down on his ass. This makes Cal buck nicely. As the strokes are laid on you see that his ass is trembling in betweenalways nice to see. This is a great position to lay the belt on and get a good result, and Cal has a great ass to belt. Lets hope, or not, that Cal has learned his lesson.

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