Thrashed за его дерзость

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Thrashed for his Insolence

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Jonathon Thrashed before ChristmasIt’s Christmas at the Magic Spanking Factory, and Jonathon’s generous father has gone out into the snow, especially to buy a Christmas tree. However, when he returns, he finds that young Jonathon is far from brimming over with festive good will, especially when he informs the sulky lad that he will have to decorate the tree!.After much persuasion, the moody youngster starts decorating the tree but, being too lazy to put much pride or effort into his work, the result does not meet with his fathers approval. Еще, when that same firm but devoted father orders him to re-do it the ungrateful boy refusesinsisting he does not have time.Father is well practised in dealing with that sort of insolence, and within moments Jonathon is bending over the table his pert young bottom, protected only by the tight, contour hugging shorts his parent makes him wear, raised with quivering reluctance to meet the sting of the cane.And, meet that cane it does!A vigorous and justly deserved whacking ensues, as Jonathon is progressively divested of more and more of his already minimal clothing. First his shirt is removed, revealing his svelte but athletic torso, and then from first being caned across the seat of his shorts, the naughty boy eventually has only his tight white pants to protect him from the relentless cane, until at last the final vestige of dignity is stripped away as his bare, pink and well stung bottom is exposed to the thrashing.As a final humiliation, Jonathon must stand naked before the, now beautifully decorated, tree, before he allowed to hurry towards the nearest source of relief for his punished behind, the first icy cold snow of winter, which he desperately rubs into his burning red bottom. However, as the young rascal discovers, when cheeks are so toasty and warm the snow melts more quickly than the sting!

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