Hector’s First Spanking — High Definition Version

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Hector's First Spanking -- High Definition Version

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First contact video! This is a long, hard spanking/paddling. Hector is a 20-year-old straight boy who needs money to pay for college. He wanted to do a video, so he sent Tom pics and they set up a shooting date. Однако, when Hector showed up, it was clear that the pictures he had sent were not current. Tom decided to spank him, anyway. He goes at Hector with his hand, a small oak paddle, leather slapper and a bamboo spatula. The video ends with a severe round with the bamboo spatula that has Hector groaning, kicking and cursing. It seems like Hector struggles with what his reaction to the spanking should be. Tom doesn’t coach the boys, so what you see is either how Hector wants to appear, or how he thinks Tom wants him to react. He is in pain, but it seems like he is trying to pretend he isn’t. By the end of the video, as the pain takes over, you see Hector’s true reaction. After the shoot was over, Hector told Tom that he was ready to walk out just a few minutes into the video because it hurt so much. But he needed the money for tuition and books, so he stuck it out.

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