The Few, The ProudHigh Definition Version

Tempo clipe: 16 Minutos Clip Tamanho: 352/kb
The Few, The Proud -- High Definition Version

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VIDEO TITLE: "Kevin Bent Over" — Kevin is a straight, corn-fed farm boy from the Midwest. He’s also a Marine. When Tom met Kevin, he was looking for odd jobs to pay off some bills. Tom offered him the chance to do spanking videos, and Kevin said he’d do them even though "it’s pretty gay.In this video, Tom straps Kevin to a work bench and goes at him with a variety of implements: a leather slapper, paint stick, flog, riding crop and his hand. He also takes the flog to Kevin’s back.As a Marine, Kevin and does not want to show any reactions, but he doesn’t realize that his silence is only making Tom go at him harder. The paint stick and riding crop are particularly painful and Kevin can’t help but gasp and curse under Tom’s relentless strokes. By the end of the video, Kevin’s ass and back are red and marked with welts and Kevin is clearly reconsidering the choices he’s made.

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