Dirty Dishes Discipline

Tempo clipe: 15 Minutos Clip Tamanho: 580/kb
Dirty Dishes Discipline

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Andy has been a lodger at Tom’s house for a few weeks and in that time has never done any washing up. He always leaves his dirty dishes, plates etc about the place. Things come to a head when Tom comes home from a 2 day business trip and finds the kitchen in a dreadful mess. It’s time to teach Andy a lesson in the form of an over-the-knee hard spanking with hand, slipper and hairbrush. He’s given a further spanking bent over the sink before being made to wash, dry and put away every single thing he’s used. In the process, he breaks a mug, so it’s back bent over the sink for a dose of the wooden spoon from an angry Tom. The kitchen is finally gleaming whilst Andy’s bottom is throbbing.

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