Laborer Dima 27 y.o. – Spanking and humiliations

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Laborer Dima 27 y.o

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Dima gets spanking by hand, spanking by heavy and large belt, he’s licking the boxer master’s feets, squeezing the nipples , sexy and muscle boxer , spits into his mouth and face. Lot of humiliations gets the general laborer, hunky, Dima 27 y.o. He decided to earm money sold himself to the young and muscle boxer of his age. 30 minutes he’s suffering humiliations and spanking by different ways, he’s a straight, but he’s feeling himself as a heap desperate hunky, who needs money for his family. Our Master is a sexy and young boxer, which mocks him most sophisticated methods. Spanking makes laborer scream and beg to stay, but he reminded that spanking and humiliations is the only way to earn money for his family.

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