GYTD 2015 – Dad’s RolexSpecial Edit Version

Czas Filmu: 28 Protokół Rozmiar Filmu: 843/kb
GYTD 2015 - Dad's Rolex - Special Edit Version

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This is a shortened version of the original film for those of you who are on a tight budget. We’ve considerably shortened the "Bath Scene," i, "Masturbating Scene," but the entire, "Spanking Scene," remains the same as in the FULL VERSION. Kaine puts in a spectacular spanking performance when he comes up with a cunning plan to make some money when he finds his Dads Rolex in the bathroom. He contemplates his move whilst luxuriating in his morning bath before going to his room to carry out the dastardly deed. Not happy with planning the dispatch of his Dads watch, he decides to indulge himself in some on-line pornography. He becomes excited by what he sees and does what boys do. Unfortunately for young Kaine, his Dad returns unexpectedly. His Dad hears all the noise and bursts into Kaines bedroom. Not only does he discover Kaine masturbating over his Laptop, he discovers his Rolex and the plan his wayward Son has in mind. It goes without saying that young Kaine is in for the hiding of his life. The Slipper this time and it brings him to real tears. A long, hard and very intense slippering ensues and Kaine is soon howling and pleading with his Dad to stop. Not this time Kaine. Youve earned every whack! We hope you enjoy the video and please visit our main site at

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