Politivold 1 – HD-046

Clip Tid: 15 Minutter Clip Størrelse: 455/kb

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Dominant cop brings it with them a soldier with balaclava on head, soldier is his a slave. The cop with handcuffs lashed him to the dumbell on bench press. Then he takes into the hand the police baton. Cop then pushes police baton into the mouth of soldier. Then stomps with his leather boot between the legs of soldier. Dominant cop spits on soldier, stomps on him. Cop spits on plastic wrap and gives it to the face, then cop gives him a plastic bag with spittle on his head. Listen to the end of verbal humiliation of cop and spitting from cop directly on you. ENJOY ! Length av video er 15,20 mins. Video resolution – HD 1280×720. NÅ KAN BUY medlemsskap på www.guysinuniforms.c4slive.com ONLY FOR $19.95 USD .

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