Double the Trouble with MastaJR Master MorpheusFULL version

Clip Tid: 31 Minutter Clip Størrelse: 925/kb
Double the Trouble with MastaJR Master Morpheus - FULL version

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In this first time recorded session with not one but TWO straight hot dudes, MastaJR and Master Morpheus abuse me twice as hard as I could possibly imagine. The scene starts out with masters are slapping me while binding my hands and mouth with duct tape while their shoes are stomping and holding me down on the ground. JR knows I hate knives, so of course he has to hold one to my face while cutting a slit in the tape to allow some forced alcohol intox. MastaJR makes me "make love" to his shoe while Morpheus shoves his socked feet in my face. They both throw me around a bit across the floor and slap me around like a helpless little faggot rag doll. JR orders me to bend over so that he can whip me on my butt with a belt which REALLY hurt causing me to fall over in pain. The climax of part one is when masters make me a human doormatand I mean this quite literally! The scene continues with me being clamped and collared with a fireplace log kicker, nearly choking me. MastaJR orders me to roll his pant legs up while laughing the whole time knowing fully well that my hands are bound making it a very hard task to accomplish. Next up it’s time for Master Morpheus to take charge and he decides to tie me up in a chair. He chokes me out and actually knocks down the chair with me in ithow humiliating! JR is then adjusting the camera while Morpheus chokes me a bit with the steel log kicker. I’m then forced to lick the doormat which they used to stomp on me with earlier while it’s shoved in my face. The mighty Master Morpheus then kicks back on the couch and props his sweaty socked feet in my lap and orders me to massage his feet while JR throws me a couple hard punches to the chestIn the final scene of this session, After a change of camera angle, Morpheus is smoking while getting his feet massaged and JR is showing off the knife that he is about to use to cut my mouth free from the duct tape that has bound me. MastaJR talks to the camera about abusing faggots while Morpheus spits in my face and slaps me around with his feet jammed into me crotch. While Morpheus holds the leash around my neck, JR whips me a few times…. ouch! Some more forced foot massage takes place while JR talks about how I probably go home and cry about the pain they have inflicted upon me this day. I’m eventually forced to the ground while both masters whip me at the same time with two different belts. The finale of this session consists of MastaJR’s favorite thing to do on each of our real time meetsFruit stomping and smothering all over me since I am nothing more than a helpless little faggot piece of fruit myselfI’m called a pig while finally becoming a footrest while JR smokes and ashes on my face while Morpheus continues to whip me with his belt. For en natt!

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