GYTD 2015 – The Great Paint Robbery – Full Version

Clip Tijd: 28 Notulen Clip Grootte: 853/kb
GYTD 2015 - The Great Paint Robbery - Full Version

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As this is Kaine’s last video for 2015, we thought we’d make something to remember. This clip is the Sequel to, "Performance Review", and the filming starts from where we left off with Kaine being caught red handed stealing cans of paint from his Dad’s store by a hidden Security Camera. Kaine and his Dad arrive home and as Kaine has already had a good spanking at work, he decides he’s having an early night. His Dad is reviewing the Security Camera footage when suddenly it all becomes clear. He now knows exactly where all the paint has gone! Needless to say it isn’t long before Kaine is summoned to the front room where his Dad shows him the hidden camera footage. Also needless to say, that Kaine is sent to fetch the belt and the paddle. Kaine’s punishment begins with an OTK spanking and it isn’t long before his pyjama bottoms are off and his backside is taking on a familiar colour. The leather paddle also comes into play making Kaine’s bottom even redder . For the final part of his punishment, Kaine is made to strip naked. He receives a 24 stroke tawsing on the hands but as he isn’t doing what he’s told, he also receives several volleys from a Skate Boarding Shoe on his very bare and very red buttocks. Kaine is reduced to real tears by this punishment and you can see them rolling down his face as the strokes land. We hope you enjoy Kaine’s latest clip and as always, we thank you very much for supporting the GYTD Studio. Your support helps us to make future productions. Thank you all very much and have a really great day.

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