Two for the paddle

Clip Time: 9 Minutes Clip Size: 203/kb
Two for the paddle

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The two lads are looking for a snack, and bickering as usual. Mik finds a bag of chips and of course Conrad wants them in the ensuing squabble the bag is split open and the chips go flying, covering the floor. The noise attracts attention and the two lads are told to drop em and bend over the table, the long oval paddle is collected and this is what the lads get for their horseplay. Some great angles of the paddling and a lovely contrast in butts, one meaty and one slim. The lads get just what they earned and the paddle is most effective. They are then made to clean up the mess on the floor and get a few extra swats as they are working. Warned sternly and sent to their respective rooms it looks like no snacks in the end

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