That was Horrible — High Definition Version

Clip Time: 15 Minutes Clip Size: 274/kb
That was Horrible -- High Definition Version

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VIDEO TITLE: "Adam’s First Spanking Part 2" — Adam is a hot 20-year-old straight frat boy who needs extra money to keep up with the high cost of living well. This is the second part of Adam’s first spanking video. Adam immediately found the spanking very difficult to take. Though he had been physically disciplined, it was never to this level. As compared to the discipline he received in prior years, Adam described this spanking as "horrible." This is also the first time Adam has been touched by a man, so it was an all-around difficult day for him. In this video, Tom disciplines Adam with a steel ruler, a wooden paddle, and, of course, his hand. Adam struggles with the pain of it all, kicking, squirming, grimacing, gasping and burying his head in Tom’s knee. What Tom liked best, however, was the way Adam was holding onto Tom’s left leg for dear life. Adam even hit Tom’s lower leg involuntarily at one point

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