Stuart’s Birthday Beating

Clip Time: 15 Minutes Clip Size: 570/kb
Stuart's Birthday Beating

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Stuart pays a visit and announces that it’s his birthday !! He further tempts fate by mentioning the tradition within some groups of giving a birthday spanking. However, he gets more than he bargains for … a prolonged and thorough thrashing with TWELVE different implements namely gym shoe , Jokari paddle, leather belt, leather paddle, tawse, senior cane, riding crop, leather strap, carpet beater, martinet, Borstal cane, and birch. The first six implements are given over jeans and the second six applied to Stuart’s bare bottom. He suffers a final stinging from some antiseptic liquid dabbed onto small cuts on his arse. He will not be telling anyone it’s his birthday again …. at least not for another year.

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