Steve Video 1 – 18 Year-Old Steve Takes It Hard

Clip Time: 20 Minutes Clip Size: 514/kb
Steve Video 1 - 18 Year-Old Steve Takes It Hard

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Steve is only 18 years old and has been spending way too much money going out and drinking with his friends. He borrowed some money off his friends and now he can’t afford to pay it back. There was nothing else for it – he decided he had to take it hard for No Way Out. I was only too pleased to help show Steve some hard discipline and I was delighted when I saw his ass – he has a great ass for punishment a perfectly young, smooth bubble butt which just begs for a thrashing. I made him bend over and just grit his teeth as he presented it for us. Steve is no stranger to the belt and although he hates it, he puts on a fantastic show. Edited by Chuck Bradley.

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