Richard Video 1 – Beaten Black and Blue

Clip Time: 23 Minutes Clip Size: 582/kb
Richard Video 1 - Beaten Black and Blue

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Belt, Prison StrapJason is yet again in the mood for hard punishment and this poor fucker is gonna get thrashed. After persuading him over the bench, he’s tied down and soon he’s right where Jason wants him. What follows is a brutal CP session that pushes the guy’s boundaries. The poor helpless fucker is made to count them out when he’s not biting down on a belt or Jason’s t-shirt. He screams through gritted teeth. Drop the belt and i’ll beat you with it, sneers Jason. The escalating punishment includes a hard paddling, belting and his first taste of the prison strap. Jason and the cameraman mock him as he struggles through the session, screaming and shouting.

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