Red Room Thrashings

Clip Time: 24 Minutes Clip Size: 457/kb
Red Room Thrashings

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After we had a ‘Training of Pavel’ session, one of the spankers came up to us complaining that he didn’t get enough to spank and he was not satisfied. Knowing perfectly well how insatiable this spanker was we decided to satisfy his spanking needs. We moved to another room for another session. This time, we gave the Iranian guy the solo spanker part. He was thrashing his favourite spankee who is tough enough to take his long and intense thrashings, as well as during the third thrashing our new spankee whose ass was already sore from a previous session. All together the spanker performed three thrashings. During the first thrashing he put the spankee flat on a round mat, restrained him and gave him sets with various implements.For the second thrashing he put the spankee on his four on a bench and told Pavel to hold him and support him. For the third session he put the spankee flat on the bench and was giving him sets of 20, then he told Pavel to lay on top of the spankee and to receive the strokes as well, as the spankee was already well thrashed and could hardly take any more strokes. The mean Iranian guy was amusing himself with the game where he was determined to give a sets of 20 with many implement first on Pavel, if Pavel said ‘stop’ then the rest of the strokes would go to the other spankee. Well, Pavel was trying his best to take as many strokes as he could to save the ass of the other spankee, but he is not that experienced and besides he was already trained before and had a sore bottom. Very painful, at the same time fun session.

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