No more, no more! — High Definition Version

Clip Time: 10 Minutes Clip Size: 361/kb
No more, no more! -- High Definition Version

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VIDEO TITLE: "Tyler Upside Down" — In this video, Tom forces Tyler into a position of complete humiliation, hanging him upside down, legs spread wide. Tyler told Tom he hadn’t expected this sort of thing. But, of course, he hadn’t expected anything in particular because he hadn’t asked for details. Regardless, Tyler does as he’s told and is quickly suspended upside down. Tom then goes at him with his hand, a ping pong paddle and a leather slapper. By the end, Tyler exclaims, "No more, no more!" as he explains that this spanking was worse than anything he had ever gotten when he was young. He’s had all he can take, and when Tom removes his restraints, Tyler has tears in his eyes as he fights the pain.

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