Mik – Snow Laughing Matter

Clip Time: 15 Minutes Clip Size: 566/kb
Mik - Snow Laughing Matter

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Mik is playing the snow with his mate and forgets the time. He gets a call that reminds him he is late home. He trots off home and has a serious attitude to being to what to do. He shrugs his shoulders and sighs as he is told about time keeping. This gets him pinned over the banister and spanked before being sent to his room. Once in his room he looks at his red bum and decides to sneak out of the house and go and play in the snow again. He tip toes downstairs and dresses outside the front door. Back in the snow his is laughing and playing happily. Tony relents at home and makes Mik a coffee and as his calls for Mik to join him are ignored he realises the lad has sneaked out. When Mik finally arrives home he is dragged into the front room and laid on the couch, trousers down, and given a hard set with the strap – a set that makes him yelp and twist as the swats fall.

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