MHV-147 Reformatory III The Barracks

Clip Time: 43 Minutes Clip Size: 400/kb
MHV-147 Reformatory III The Barracks

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THE BARRACKS StarringJASON BURNS, STEVE COLTON, CHARLES DREW, STEVE PIERCE,STEVE, TY STEWART and KURT TRAYNER The staff of the Talaveras Mens Correctional Facility have their hands full keeping the inmates in line and even Correction Officer Trayner has been screwing up lately! C. O. Trayner is in the process of spanking Charles and Steve on the briefs, when Ty interrupts them. Ty takes over the session and before long, he has both men naked. Later, when Kurt catches them jacking-off, out comes the heavy wooden paddle for a brutal butt-blistering finale. Ty then spanks Jason and Steve on the briefs and bare butts. Both guys are obviously turned on, as they watch the other guy getting it. Finally, Steve gets severely strapped, while Jason gets a painful paddling. As soon as Ty leaves, these hot men cant control themselves and help each other jack-off. Privately, Ty informs Kurt that he has been fired, but when Kurt mouths-off, he finds himself on the receiving end of a bare-butt spanking for the first time.

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