MHV-146 FIRE 2 False Alarm

Clip Time: 27 Minutes Clip Size: 245/kb
MHV-146 FIRE 2 False Alarm

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FIRE!StarringEDDIE BOYD, COUGAR CASH, and DAVE PFERDEAt the fire station, muscular fireman Cougar Cash is training a handsome young rookie, Chris Fox. Meanwhile, across town, Eddy is sneaking a smoke after a long day, when his roommate, David, unexpectedly arrives home so the still smoldering ashtray is conveniently hidden under the bed. Arriving at the apartment, Cougar finds the source of the smoke under the bed where Eddy and David are sleeping in their briefs. For tampering with the smoke detector, the boys receive intense spankings first on their briefs, and then on the bare. Then, for hiding the ashtray in the first place, Cougar sprays Eddys butt with water, before spanking it dry.

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