MHV-143 The Reformatory II

Clip Time: 54 Minutes Clip Size: 496/kb
MHV-143 The Reformatory II

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REFORMATORY II StarringMIGUEL CORTEZ, CHARLES DREW, ERIC, MARK LESLIE, JOHN LLOYD, TY STEWART and KURT TRAYNORRoom 213 is an empty room, except for the black spanking block in the center of the room and a number of paddles and straps that hang on the wall. The inmates at the Talaveras County Mens Correctional Facility know they should avoid being sent to Room 213 at all costs having heard rumors of severe corporal punishment.Charles and Mark are dressed in just briefs and socks, as disciplinarian Kurt arrives. After intense hand spankings, he uses a paddle on Mark and a strap on Charles. He warns them that future problems will land them in Room 213.Thats right! This was just a warm-up! In Room 213, Ty has Miguel mount the spanking block for a forceful hand spanking, followed by a brutal lashing with a genuine razor strop.Finally, Kurt teaches two very handsome young men how discipline is administered at the Facility. Ordered to face the wall while the other guy gets spanked, we cant blame them for peeking as, one at a time, their butts turn a bright shade of crimson.

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