Ken spanks Jonathon

Clip Time: 6 Minutes Clip Size: 75/kb
Ken spanks Jonathon

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Ken is discussing being spanked with Jonathon and says that he can spank harder harder Stephen. Jonathon doesn’t believe him and Ken offers him the chance to test his spanking skills. Putting Jonathon over his knee Ken starts with a very fast and furious spanking on Jonathons jeans. The speed of Ken’s slapping is quite breathtaking and soon Jonathon is wailing away. When Jonathon’s jeans come down the spanking continues at the same rapid-fire rate but Ken has even more in store for Jonathon. Ordering him to strip naked he finishes off the punishment six lashes of the whip. Jonathon had been shocked into silence and doesn’t even want to talk about the beating he had just received at the hand of the cruel Ken

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