Jonathon’s Bad Day MP4

Clip Time: 29 Minutes Clip Size: 341/kb
Jonathon's Bad Day MP4

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And what a bad day it was too. It starts off with Jonathon not being able to deal with his morning wood because his father interrupts him. After showering and changeing into his extremely short and tight gray school shorts he asks his father if really must wear the shorts. His father will not allow him to wear anything else to school. He is then told that he has to go to a punishment session to his tutor after school. Jonathon is dreading what is going to take place as his father told the tutor he had carte blanche when it came to choosing poor Jonathons punishment. Jonathon is spanked, given the slipper and beaten with a plimsoll. He moans that his bottom cannot take anymore so the kind tutor grabs a short whip and whips Jonathon’s naked thighs and back. His punishment is finished off with two biting cane strokes between his very exposed buttocks. This massive 29 minute clip leaves nothing to the imagination and is by this talented young man. He is the perfect schoolboy when he is in those shorts….A very convincing performance I think and I have no doubt that you will watch this over and over again. This a reposting of Jonathon’s second spanking and he really takes a hard beating. Have fun at the Factory.29 highly erotic minutes for a very low price.

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