Jingle Bells Gin

Clip Time: 10 Minutes Clip Size: 294/kb
Jingle Bells Gin

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Imagine coming home the day before Christmas Eve and finding Jonathon and Wee German both inebriated after both of them attacking a bottle of my best Gin! I certainly wasn’t going to have it. The main culprit was obviously Wee German and I was determined to spank this kind of behavior out of him once and for all. This is a straight forward OTK clip in which he gets it first on his jeans, underpants and then on his naked buttocks. A real no nonsense hand spanking. Jonathon doesn’t get spanked in this one but he did help he to stop Wee German writhing around too much. The real reason Jonathon wasn’t spanked in this one is because he got it the day before with such ferocity I considered it prudent to give his wee bum a rest. The clip from Jonathon’s beating will be shown here tomorrow.

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