Jared’s First Spanking — High Definition Version

Clip Time: 16 Minutes Clip Size: 474/kb
Jared's First Spanking -- High Definition Version

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First Contact Video! Though physically disciplined when he was young, this video shows the first time 20-year-old Jared has been spanked by a man other than his father. In fact, it shows the first time Jared has ever been touched by a gay man. Jared is the quietest, most-reserved boy we’ve ever shot a video with. From the moment he showed up, Tom was concerned that somehow Jared didn’t know he was going to be spanked by a man in this video. Even though that had been made clear, it just didn’t seem like Jared was the type to submit to being spanked by a man. Tom wondered if Jared might just walk out on the shoot. Luckily he did not. Like so many others, Jared struggles to maintain a humorous demeanor. But the spanking really hurts, and he can’t hide that. You’ll see the action from several angles as Jared endures Tom’s hand, the birch, a ping pong paddle and a leather slapper. You’ll also see Jared’s discomfort when he realizes he’s going over Tom’s knee for the spanking. Like so many others, he hadn’t anticipated that, and finds it very embarrassing.

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