Iranian Spanker – Part 1

Clip Time: 17 Minutes Clip Size: 332/kb
Iranian Spanker - Part 1

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An Iranian guy living in Moscow is a huge fan of no mercy style punishments. He contacted us with a request to participate in one of our sessions as a spanker. We were amazed by this ruthless spanker who gave it really hard to one of our Russian spankees. He gave the boy 16 sets with severe implements, and the number of strokes were determined by cards like in Black Jack. However he used a Russian deck of cards that starts with 6, not 2. Providing 2 implements were used, the boy was getting at least 12 strokes per set. Somehow, 10’s were more often picked. Poor spankee was really struggling through these sets delivered hard and and with no mercy, but took it very stoically. The Iranian guy was really enjoying it, from time to time stroking his cock. When the spanking was finished, the Iranian guy didn’t want to leave and suggested to give another spanking to a Russian spankee after a break as he had quite a mean idea in his mind to impress the boy and get more reactions from him. We couldn’t resist the temptation to see a REAL spanker in action again and we said yes. But that’s another story, don’t miss Part 2 with the boy getting another hard thrashing on already sore ass…

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