Hard English Lessons – Full Version

Clip Time: 38 Minutes Clip Size: 728/kb
Hard English Lessons - Full Version

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One of our sub boys was given a home task to learn to count in English to 100 as a courtesy to our international customers. Two masters are examining the boy by whipping his back and making him count after each lash. The boy failed the test, he miscounted, got more than 100 lashes on his back. This is a hard back whipping session. The sub was happy when it was over, but not for long, Then his Masters make him count each of 100 strokes of bastinado. His feet are securely tied up to his balls, so he finds it very inconvenient to wiggle. The boy fails again as he miscounts. Then the boy is tied to the spanking horse for a lesson of his life. Again, he is made to count each of 100 strokes with our severe implements like prison straps, tawse, wooden paddle with holes and canes. If he miscounts, the set of 10 is repeated all over again. That’s the only way the boy can learn. The boy makes mistakes and pays for them dearly. The boy manages to finally count to 100 getting extras for mistakes, the lesson is over, but the discipline session is not. Then the boy is getting a well deserved no nonsense punishment for not practising enough and for making mistakes. He is switched on the bench, Russian style. The Master made a mess breaking switches thrashing the boy. The boy gets 100 lashes and 10 extra for not being grateful enough and forgetting to thank the Master for the lesson.

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