Hands Up, Pants Down! — High Definition Version

Clip Time: 17 Minutes Clip Size: 509/kb
Hands Up, Pants Down! -- High Definition Version

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VIDEO TITLE: "Justin Suspended" — Justin had never been paddled or spanked before coming to us. If he has always been as respectful and obedient as he’s been with Tom, he may be one of the few who never needed corporal punishment growing up. He is, by all appearances, a very good young man. Having been paddled and spanked by Tom, Justin now faces the totally unexpected embarrassment and pain of being suspended with his hands far above his head and his feet barely touching the floor. It’s a very exposed position for a straight boy to find himself in and, if that wasn’t enough, Tom also makes him wear a leather bulldog harness. You’ll see the action from several different angles as Tom uses his hand, a leather slapper, a riding crop and two different flogs on Justin. The second, a small PVC flog, is particularly painful. Justin has as hard a time with it as Tyler did. By the end of this video, Justin’s ass is bright red with many small marks from the tips of the flogs.

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