GYTD – Mister Slipper – 2013B

Clip Time: 8 Minutes Clip Size: 158/kb
GYTD - Mister Slipper - 2013B

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2013 WIDESCREEN re-edit with USC2257 Compliance – We are going through our older clips and adding the USC Compliance Statements and also these clips are being refinished in modern aspect. ——– Young Dave gets his first job but like many other youngsters, he decides that work isnt a priority and that hell slack off. Unfortunately his Dad finds out what his Son has been up to and takes a very dim view. Only thing for it is a positive lesson from Mister Slipper, long and hard and delivered right across Young Daves bare backside. This is a long and painful lesson for Dave and hopefully one he wont forget in a hurry! – We hope you enjoy the clip and visit our main site at

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