GYTD 2015 – Runaway

Clip Time: 23 Minutes Clip Size: 714/kb
GYTD 2015 - Runaway

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We hadn’t planned on making any more clips with Kaine this year but as things transpired he decided to come back down south to face the music sooner rather than later. It wasn’t difficult thinking of a reason to punish Kaine. In real life he’s a bit of a Free Spirit and pretty much does what he likes regardless of any consequences. You will pick up very quickly from this clip that there is an underlying true story and you’ll also quickly see that his punishment is very much intended. Right from the beginning of the clip it’s very obvious that Kaine isn’t in for a quick easy session. There is no big long introduction in this clip. It’s action from the start right to the end Kaine is very much getting everything he deserves. Granddad;s Black Belt, the Scottish Tawse and a very famous Slipper all find their places on Kaine’s ever reddening backside. This is a long and very hard punishment and you’ll see and hear from Kaine’s reactions and vocals that he’s having a very unpleasant time of things. Quite right too. He deserves everything he gets. We hope you enjoy our latest and somewhat unexpected new clip and as always, thank you all for supporting the GYTD Studio.

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