GYTD 2015 – Performance Review

Clip Time: 10 Minutes Clip Size: 308/kb
GYTD 2015 - Performance Review

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In an effort to get his Son gainfully employed, Kaine’s Dad gives him a job at his Car Parts Warehouse. Nothing too demanding, just singing for Goods In and general Warehouse work. Kaine however is doing his best to get fired because he really doesn’t want to work at all. Unfortunately his Dad can see through his Son’s ploy and during his first Performance Review at work, young Kaine finds himself over his Dad’s knee in the Warehouse receiving a good spanking for his efforts. Not content with this, Kaine then proceeds to steal a whole load of expensive Spray Paints. Unbeknown to Kaine, his Dad has installed a hidden Security Camera which catches Kaine red handed. We hope you enjoy this clip and thank you for supporting the GYTD Studio.

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