Double Trouble

Clip Time: 13 Minutes Clip Size: 266/kb
Double Trouble

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Andy came to see me today, in trouble again !! This boy is beginning to try my patience. No matter how I try and teach him how to behave himself, he always seems to forget and need another lesson from me to remind this boy of his errors.Lying on his tummy on my bed I used an old, heavy leather belt on his white cotton covered underpants, his bottom raised up on pillows. Even after just a few had landed across his bottom he was in tears, and the worst was yet to come……bare bottomed. He wriggled he cried and he begged me to stop, but I had already resigned myself to a further punishment. However a neighbour happened to call and offered to help me out dealing with Andy. We formed one lap, bent the boy across our knees and by using a pair of Victorian butter pats, went to work on a cheek each. Pants on and then pants off, he howled like a wolf in the night as we set his bottom on fire.!!!

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