Blondie gets a Beating

Clip Time: 9 Minutes Clip Size: 245/kb
Blondie gets a Beating

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Poor Blondie is caught playing around with Jonathon’s I-phone and Jonathon is not one bit happy about it. Not wasting any time, Jonathon grabs Blondie and throws him over the table. Pulling his jeans up tight he proceeds to give the urchin a good hard hand spanking and belting. Recalcitrent Blondie is not quite as cocky when he has to lower his jeans and the effects of Jonathon’s punishment can already be seen at side of his underpants and on the top his thighs. Jonathon still doesn’t think Blondie has learned his lesson and continues wit the beating until Blondie’s buttocks are a deep shade of crimson.Blondie will never even look at Jonathon’s cell-phone in the future.

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