Ben Video 32 – Casino Punishment

Clip Time: 16 Minutes Clip Size: 395/kb
Ben Video 32 - Casino Punishment

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Jason is teaching Ben a lesson in this film that gambling never pays off. Ben believed one of those roulette systems would work and has lost nearly $500. Stupid fucker is going to be punished with about 500 swats of the paddle. Sets of hard paddle across bare ass are determined by the throw of a dice – a game where the house always wins. Ben struggles through the restrained punishment, calling Jason every name under the sun. Through anger, Jason does not hesitate to beat hard to remind Ben never to do this again. Sets of beatings are vicious and start off with 2s, 5s, 7s and 10s before moving up to sets of 40 and even a teeth-gritting set of 100. Ben screams and protests as 100 hard strokes rain down on his unprotected ass. Jason finishes the session with a horribly hard and sadistic application of the flogger. Bens ass well and truly THRASHED.

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