Andrew’s Bruised Bottom

Clip Time: 7 Minutes Clip Size: 205/kb
Andrew's Bruised Bottom

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Incredibly sweet Andrew is from Hungary and in this clip he get’s his first ever spanking. And what a spanking this cute kid takes. Despite his pitiful yelping and the obvious pain he was enduring I did not stop until reaching the desired result. Just look at the boy’s bare bottom and see how it turns from a soft pink to a very deep crimson shade. look at the bruising to convince yourself that Andrew really did take a hard spanking. This is a great debut clip from a very charming guy who although being twenty two looks much, much younger. Andrew said he wanted to take a week to recover and would then grace the Factory once again with his presence. If you watch this clip you will very much look forward to his return.Don’t miss my streaming video site which has currently over 110 clips available for viewing.

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