The Most Ultimate Foot Degradation Session Ever! with MidwestAlphaMuscle – Part 3 of 3

Clip Time: 12 Minutes Clip Size: 333/kb
The Most Ultimate Foot Degradation Session Ever! with MidwestAlphaMuscle - Part 3 of 3

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I would say that out of all my videos thus far, this session was probably one of the hottest foot worship verbal degradation sessions that I’ve had the chance to record! Lots of sneakers, shoes, barefeet, sniffing, licking, trampling, and of course VERBAL humiliation by MidwestAlphaMuscle. To make the video even more amazing, it includes not even two, but THREE camera views of the session. This is a must buy! ;) ——————– Part 3 of 3 ——————– The scene continues with master calling me pathetic and then making me county all his cash in front of him while he continues to keep me pinned underneath his sweaty alpha jock soles. I massage his feet some more as I’m told to while he laughs at other faggots online and continues chatting with them. He orders me to kiss his sweaty feet and verbalize who it is I am serving and that I should be grateful for it, which I should. More verbal degradation until master tells me to put his socks back on, revoking my permission to kiss his bare soles. He tells me to get back underneath them again and massage some more while smelling the alpha jock scent that they are filled with. I’m eventually made to put his sneakers back on, again revoking this time the permission to touch his feet at all, even in socks. He yells at me for not putting them on efficiently, then makes me get back underneath and crosses his ankles just relaxing his shoes on me again. After ignoring me for a little while, he decides he wants to take out some aggression by stomping al over me in his sneakers. He stomps all over my back and head and then jumps all over me. He again comments about how it’d be hilarious to use me as a human faggot snowboard where he’d intentionally hit every rail making my face bloody as can be and then laugh at me. He finishes his drink and dumps the ice out all over me then making me pick up all the cubes from the floor. After telling me how lucky I am to touch what his mouth just touched, he makes me lick and kiss both his shoes and individually and verbally praise him before getting him another drink. :-O

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