Serving the Soles of Master Morpheus – A Real Life Alpha Foot King – Part 3 of 3

Clip Time: 10 Minutes Clip Size: 300/kb
Serving the Soles of Master Morpheus - A Real Life Alpha Foot King - Part 3 of 3

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I get under the feet of Master Morpheus for the second time. In this scene, master enjoys just kicking back and having me serve his hot alpha soles. He chills while humiliating and degrading his foot faggot servant. I am there for his amusement and pleasure… to make him feel powerful by worshiping him like only a straight jock such as himself deserves. Master Morpheus knows where faggots belong, and he makes it quite clear in this hot video. ——————– Part 3 of 3 ——————– In this final scene, I’m told to lick out the nasty sweat while master uses his belt as a collar around my neck. Then he decides it’s time for some trampling on his bitch as he stands on my back making me feel the full power of his alpha self. He talks about how he has me trained on a leash while recognizing how apparent it is that I am in love with his feet. He gets bored of me kissing his feet and has me put my face on the couch as he smothers his sweaty soles all over my faggot face. After a few comments about how well trained he has me, he makes me hold him up on my knees and body while he uses me like a piece of furniture to sit on. He laughs about he is "riding this faggot" before he decides it’s time to turn the camera off to take a break.

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