Armpit licking Grandad

Clip Time: 8 Minutes Clip Size: 29/kb
Armpit licking Grandad

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Armpit licking Grandad This day turned out to be a real Treat day for Grandad………After I had shaved his head to help humiliate him, I decided that I would let him lick My sweaty armpits clean…Yes he loved it, Grandad loves to be able to use his tongue on Me, and this was a lovely way to prepare him for when he was going to be able to lick My arse-hole …………….. I used him in many ways while he was with Me, all of the films that he appears in have Grandad in the title, do look out for them if you enjoy this film……. Maybe you feel you would also like to experience some of what you see…?.If so do contact Me and I will consider what you think you have to offer……….None of those I use in My films are professional, they are all real life experiences for them..

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