A Short Sharp Shock For Eric

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A Short Sharp Shock For Eric

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Eric is back after recovering from his accident and to reflect his return this is a short sharp shock. John bursts into the room, which Eric was supposed to be cleaning and instead is playing around on his mobile phone, and Eric jumps in shock with a nervous smile on his face, no messing John grabs him and drags him struggling OTK and lays it on hard. Eric is kicking and struggling and pulling John all over the place, makes no difference his tracksuit bottoms are pulled down and his ass spanked hard, thrashing round just makes John madder and the strokes harder as Erics cute little red ass testifies toThrown on the bed and made to kneel doggy Eric waits as John rummages through the mess on the floor looking for the belt. Erics hand tries to cover his ass so John just thwacks the belt across that as well and Erics hand tingles at that. Time after time the belt strikes across Erics ass and John has to push him into position roughly and keep removing Erics hand that strays to cover his sore red butt. No edits, no cutting away just one shot for the whole clip, from the moment John walks in and grabs Eric OTK to the final stroke of the belt as he leaves just one long shot, and one good hard spanking.

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