Eric – First Time

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Eric - First Time

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Lounging on the sofa Eric is confronted with a poor college report, he comes over as not really interested and has to have his magazine taken away from him and made to stand up. His whole attitude is one ofso whatand this leaves little choice but to get him OTK fast and get a lesson spanked into him. OTK in tighty whiteys, a lovely pert little ass this guy, starts the set and Erics struggles and moans are very real indeed. They are whipped down to reveal his red ass and he gets more on the bare ass. This is OK but needs something a little extra, the table tennis bat is retrieved and Eric gets the full treatment from that as well. The way the lad keeps rubbing his face and looking round you know this is a first time, the tightly clenched cheeks are also a dead give away. Left sitting on the sofa shaking his head and wondering why he did not try harder is a fitting end to this great debut by Eric

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