Tristram Caught in the Act ** SHORT **

Clip Time: 18 Referat Clip størrelse: 406/KB
Tristram Caught in the Act ** SHORT **

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**THIS IS THE SMALLER CLIP WITH A SHORT SEX SCENE AT THE START **This is a request clip. The two lads are spending an afternoon doing what lads do when they are left to their own devices. A long sex scene, no spanking here just full on sex. It is a passionate heavy session with everything you expect in a sex scene. But just as they are relaxing after the door busts open and in comes a furious Rod, he left Tristram at home to get on with chores and is stunned by what the lad has obviously been up to. He throws out the other lad and drags Tristram OTK and gives him the larruping of a life time. Rod is really angry and the red buns show his displeasure perfectly. His ass glowing he tries to escape and gets dragged back by the leg and then a good walloping with the ping pong bat, stings like hell. when Rod is finished Tristram scampers from the room grabbing clothes as he goes. A super clip with Rod really laying it on.

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