Scott Video 2 – Thrashed Harder

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Scott Video 2 - Thrashed Harder

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After a popular debut video, Scott is back for his second punishment session and he is really going to be put through it this time. I lay it all out for him in a short interview. He is going to take a thrashing for you all. And he is scared. Big time. Building on his first video, he is restrained for the toughest spanking of his life. Now usually, the punishment videos we make involve just two people myself and the unlucky guy over the bench. But this time, there is a third person involvedmy new, professional video editor Chuck Bradley. He has taken the footage of Scotts second, much harder punishment and created a sharp, exciting video that literally brings Scotts punishment to life. Watch Scott as he deals with new levels of intensity that has him howling, tied down, ben spredt, ass up. Of course, I am encouraging him along the way, demanding that he presents for you and takes it. This is teeth-gritting punishment, hard and humiliating, that leaves his ass red raw and sore. And thanks to Chuck Bradley, you are right there in on the action. Every single stroke of it.

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