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I was surprised at how well Lille Foxxy had healed after his sterling effort in "Very Hard Belting" from a few days ago. That is why I had no reservations about giving him another good thrashing today. Pulling him over my lap and his jeans up and tight I hand spank his cute, pert little bottom. His usual grunting is the accompanying music from the word go and even more so when I pull down his jeans. His sweet, snug, striped y-fronts sit perfectly on his firm little bottom and make a great target for my hand and his belt. Soon I order him to kneel on the ladder and bend as far over as he can. This puts his bottom in the perfect position for the lashes from his belt, it also exposes him delightfully as you can see. The invitation this position offers I just cannot pass up and decide that a few stroke of the cane on his most intimate part would be a great way to finish off his strict punishment…..

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