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Sometimes you have to take one for the team. Sometimes you have to take MANY for the team and HARD.Coach is pretty unhappy about the quality of play during todays match and has demanded that the team are taught a lesson. With insufficient time to punish them all one by one, Coach has asked for two guys to take the brunt of the punishment.The two guys that stepped forward arguably played the worst and so they will be punished hard and without mercy.Coach uses a combination of his strong hand, paddles, belts and his own gym shoe for a thorough beating which has Player 1 yelping and screaming. Theres no mercy for him as the Coach gets his message across in no uncertain terms. Try harder, train more, or suffer the consequences of very hard CP.This film contains a good, long, hard application of the gym shoe / slipper in the end, player 1s ass is bright red and sore as he begs for the punishment to stop.

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