Another Sole Submission Session with Master Morpheus – Část 2 z 2

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Another Sole Submission Session with Master Morpheus - Part 2 of 2

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This scene with the hot Master Morpheus takes place with me lying inferiorly on the ground while the straight jock sits high above in his natural superior position. There is much verbal humiliation towards my pathetic foot faggot self along with some slapping, spitting, and of course… nohy uctívání! ——————– Část 2 z 2 ——————– The scene continues with Master Morpheus telling me to put his shoes on my hands and making me clap my hands with them on. I am made to kiss and lick his feet, which is discussed as being nutritious to pathetic faggot slaves such as myself. He makes me oink like a pig and then shoves his socks over my nose and in my nostrils, threatening to suffocate me out right then and there. He has a little fun by slingshotting his socks into my face and calling himself Goliath and me his little faggot David. lol. Some more foot massage is ordered followed by me licking out all the nasty sweat from between his toes. He calls me a little piggy and knows that I need to be degraded for doing such pathetic faggy things. He calls my mouth a "disposal for his feet". He describes how it’s funny that he gets to relax, get his feet cleaned, get paid for it, then go home and get laid. I must work for everything Master has and wants, even if it means I go broke and become a hobo faggot living in a dumpster! Ha! He finishes off this scene by spitting on my face and in my mouth before turning off the camera.

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